Immediate Teeth
Preserve Your Dignity With Immediate Temporary Teeth!

Read below to learn more about our Immediate, Temporary Teeth Procedures here in Wilkes-Barre…

Temporary Replacement “Immediate Teeth”

At Bonacci Periodontics we understand that when teeth are missing from your smile, it can lead to immediate self-consciousness and avoiding situations where your teeth may be visible. By offering immediate tooth replacement treatments we can help you regain your confidence and get you back to smiling, talking, laughing without worrying about the visibility of a missing tooth. In most cases implant placement is a process that can take several weeks and months to complete. But in some cases, we can replace a tooth and restore your smile in the same day. During the procedure a customized crown implant that matches natural color and shape, is affixed into the treatment area. This implant will be strong enough to function like a normal tooth. The implant can be cleaned and maintained like normal teeth as well. For more information please call our office to setup a consultation.

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